Our Team

Charlene Michalak, Manager

Charlene is an absolute lover of dogs dedicated to the health and safety of all dogs in our care. Over the past 12 years, Charlene has immersed herself in the world of dog care, rescue and fostering where she’s successfully re-homed many dogs. She has also travelled to Mexico to volunteer at spay and neuter clinics for street dogs. With in depth knowledge of dog behaviour and dog , she has had exposure to a variety of situations where varied approaches to dog handling are required. Charlene creates an atmosphere where fun is the name of the game and your dogs safety is the #1 priority. Charlene and her team have created an extension of your family’s home at Dog Dayz, where your dog feels comfortable and cared for. Charlene is Certified in Pet First Aid/CPR

Savannah McCullough, Daycare Supervisor/Front Desk

Savannah started at Dog Dayz as a co op student.  She has been working in the animal field for five years now. Working at Dog Dayz is helping me reach my goals and fully realize her career path of aspiring to become a dog trainer. Savannah volunteers with a number of rescue organizations and has had past experience in fostering. She is an advocate for all breeds, especially bully breed awareness.  Savannah is certified in Pet First Aid/CPR

Abby Hennessy, Daycare Attendant/Front desk

Abby is a lover of all animals and was introduced to Dog Dayz through her co-op placement.  Ever since Abby was little she knew she wanted to pursue something in the filed of animals and Dog Dayz has helped her discover her true passion for dogs specifically.  She continually strives to learn more about dogs by going to workshops, helping host events, attending local events in the pet industry and aspires to foster dogs one day.  She believes in the importance of proper exercise, socialization and training to build a dog’s overall happiness and well being.  Abby is certified in Pet First Aid/CPR.

Sarah Bartlett, Supervisor/Front Desk

Sarah started with Dog Dayz through her co-op placement.  When Sarah agreed to join our team we couldn’t have been more pleased.  She is an all animal lover and an aspiring dog groomer.  Sarah has experimented in agility and continues to learn dog behaviour through exposure.  Sarah’s friendly and caring demeanour is an asset to our daycare offering our dogs calmness and lots of love.  Sarah understands the importance of reading canine behaviour ensuring your dogs are safe and happy in our environment.  Sarah is certified in Pet First Aid/CPR.

Jordan Hamilton, Daycare Attendant

I didn’t know I wanted to work in the pet industry until I got co-op placement here. As soon as I got the hang of things, I fell in love with the job. I look forward to seeing the dogs every day and miss them over the weekends and holidays. The job takes a lot of work but it’s worth it to see our dogs and owners happy. I could not imagine working anywhere else.  Jordan is certified in Pet First Aid/CPR


Masa has been surrounded by animals, especially dogs, her whole life. She has always wanted to pursue a future working with animals. Originally interested in becoming a veterinary professional, she jumped at the chance to complete her co-op placement at Dog Dayz and found her passion. She especially loves large and medium sized, high energy, working breeds. She has first-hand experience with raising and training Australian Shepherd‘s and currently her Border Collie. Masa hopes to gain more experience with dog training in her future. She firmly believes trained, socialized, and exercised dogs are the key to a happy family. To some people dogs are pets but to Masa they are always family. Dogs enrich our lives as much as we enrich theirs.


Charlotte is a lover of all animals and was introduced to Dog Dayz through her co-op placement. Charlotte has always wanted to pursue working to become a veterinary professional or something in the field of animals and Dog Dayz has helped her discover her true passion. She’s always excited to see the dogs and work with them. Charlotte strives to learn more about dog behaviour, socialization, exercise and more.


Hi I’m Tyson I’ve loved dogs my whole life. I have one dog at home, his name is Chopper . I started at Dog Dayz as a co-op student in 2019 and immediately fell in love working here. You’ll usually see me in the front with the little dogs.


My name is Ava, I started at the daycare through my co-op placement and fell in love with it. I’ve always loved animals and learning about their different personalities. I have a French Bulldog and American Bulldog at home (I absolutely adore all Frenchies). I’m currently training to be a hairstylist at Algonquin College but might pursue something in the pet industry afterwards. 🙂