grooming-puppyIf you want your dog to look and feel its best, proper grooming should be a part of your regular schedule.

Grooming isn’t just about looking good, with a bath, new haircut and pedicure; it’s also important for your dog’s health. Proper hygiene, nail trimming and dental care all help keep a canine healthy.

Of course, effectively grooming a dog isn’t an easy task. It takes a well-trained, patient professional to clean, comb and trim. Our skilled groomer can make your dog look fabulous, and importantly, spot any issues that might need further care.

So why not treat your special friend to a day at the spa! At Dog Dayz, your dog is pampered in a private room in a stress free environment…no other dogs running around and one on one with your groomer.

Does Your Dog Need Grooming?

There are many signs that it’s time for grooming. Keep an eye out for:

  • A matted, tangled and/or dirty coat
  • Hair that’s too long
  • Excessive shedding
  • Excessive scratching of skin
  • Long, sharp nails
  • Rheumy, watery eyes

Setting a Grooming Routine

Like feeding and walking, grooming should be a part of your dog’s routine. Yes, with busy lives, it can be a challenge to add something else to the schedule. But your dog will thank you for the extra care and love !

Accounting for your dog’s personal grooming needs, our groomer can help you establish a routine that includes regular grooming and ongoing maintenance between sessions.


Check the Schedule & Set Up a Session

Monday-Friday and some Saturdays, 9am to 5 pm.  Grooming is by appointment only please although we will try to fit you in if possible.  Early morning and evening appointments are available by request.  Unfortunately we cannot do walk in nail clips or nail clips by appointment after 3:30pm.

To set up a grooming session, call us at 613.592.6264.  Missed appointments or last minute cancellations will require a 50% deposit upon scheduling next appointment. 

Grooming Waiver. Please print and sign and bring with you on your first visit



  Full Groom Bath & Tidy
Small Breeds $70 $60
Medium Breeds $90 $70
Large Breeds $110 – $150+

$80 – $100

Additional services below are also by appointment only:

  • Nail clip $12
  • Nail grind $16
    • Nail clip, shave out pads, paw trim $20
  • Face trim $15
  • Ear pluck $5
  • Anal glands $15
  • De-matting $1 per minute (consultation with groomer required)

* Please note that if your dog is severely matted a fee will be applied in addition to the usual grooming fee, at the groomer’s discretion.  $1/minute for brushing out light matting at ears, tail, small areas.  $20-$40 pre-shave fee for moderate matting on larger areas.  $100 pelt fee for severe/tight mats on majority of the dog or the whole dog.  Dog requires a very short shave all over to start over fresh.

**A notice of at least 24 hours is necessary for cancellation of any appointment. If you fail to inform us, we might impose a fee for no show and/or terminate your business connection with Dog Dayz at our discretion. The charges are as follows:

  • No-Shows: $50 fee and/or termination of relationship
  • Late (15-30 minutes): $25 fee
  • Late (30+minutes): $50 fee and cancellation of appointment
  • No-Shows (New Clients): Immediate termination of relationship
  • Next appointment is paid in advance on booking and is non-refundable.

However, we are aware that emergencies can arise and we will consider the situation while applying for the no show fee. People who repeatedly do not show up will not be attended to any longer.

We appreciate your understanding and consideration for our groomer’s time.

Sarah Scammell: Professional pet groomer

Having grown up with dogs, cats and horses, Sarah treats every dog as her own. She has professional experience with dogs and cats any shape, size and coat from breed standard to pet trim with a specialty for double coated breeds. She ensures that each one on one appointment is a positive experience so that every pet leaves happy and beautiful. 





Shamus, Professional Dog Groomer

Shamus has always loved dogs and when he started his co-op placement years ago he knew he wanted to pursue a career working with them.  During his second semester, he discovered his passion for grooming and trained with our groomers and has since become an absolutely outstanding groomer.  He has learned so much since starting at Dog Dayz and strives to continue learning and growing in the dog industry.