Fun Stuff

Your dog deserves to have fun–and so do you!

Dog Dayz provides a variety of fun activities to help you do just that.

Yappy Hour (no longer offered)

Yappy Hour was very popular and we would like to thank everyone that has attended hour long play sessions.  However, due to the popularity of daycare, it is just too busy for us to continue to with it.

If you think your dog would like to attend daycare and have regular play dates with other fun loving dogs, please fill out the evaluation form in the daycare section of the website.  Thank you!!

Learn more here.


We take photos daily of all of our daycare dogs and post them to our Facebook page every day.

Parties for Daycare Dogs

We like to celebrate anytime we can…we have pool parties, pride parties, tiki parties and ones for special holidays like Christmas, Easter and Halloween!

Brodie’s leash walking is much improved.

I had a private training session with Janet for my dog Brodie, I have to say just from that one session I have seen a vast improvement in his leash behaviour. I want to get him into the daycare this winter to play 🙂