training-dogWhat’s the difference between a dog with professional training and one without?

A well-trained dog is:

Happier: Has a more positive attitude. You enjoy your pet’s company even more.
Obedient: Willing to follow your leadership. You’re more confident with your dog.
Friendlier: Gets along with other dogs and people. You feel proud.
Less hassle: Bonds with owner. It’s easier for you to find care when needed.
Confident: Less anxiety, no aggression. Less worry for you.
Calmer: Stays under control, whether on or off leash. You can take your pet to the park, daycare, or almost anywhere.

And of course, a well-trained dog will be an even better friend to you and your family.

Dog Training Solutions to Meet Any Need

We offer training solutions, no matter your dog’s age, breed or needs.

Maybe you need to house train your new pet. Perhaps you have an older canine who could behave a little better.

Or possibly, you’re dealing with more serious issues like:

  • Aggressiveness
  • Anxiety
  • Dominant behaviour
  • Extreme submissiveness
  • Lack of social skills (with people and/or other dogs)
  • Breed specific issues

Proven, Balanced Training Methods

We use balanced, proven training methods. Every dog, with its own unique personality, requires a tailored approach. However, our philosophy is to always be consistent and teach with positive reinforcement.  We do use a variety of tools that are very effective when used correctly.  Depending on the dog, we may use a prong collar, a Halti, a Slip lead or an e-collar.  We will teach you how to communicate with your dog utilizing this equipment using positive reinforcement with food.

For more details about our approach to effective training, please get in touch.


Our Training Programs

We offer training based on your needs in a private lesson setting.

To move forward with training, start the process by reading about our training process and trainers.

You can also fill out an application form for private lessons with Janet Burns here (currently on vacation) or private lessons on weekends with Monika Lisak here

Private Lessons

Price: starting at $140 per one hour session

Private Lessons are for those wanting more in-depth instruction, and also for dogs with behavioural issues (again, as determined by our application process).

The one-on-one sessions allow our trainers to deal with issues specific to your canine, incorporate other training methods and tailor exercises to your unique needs.   click here

Monika is offering a package of 3 lessons, The Head Start at $425.00

The lessons are one hour each and are ideal for dogs of any age looking to get a good start or a tune up on basic obedience concepts.  Lesson 1 covers markers and eye contact (concept of working for food).  Lesson 2 is leash walking and Lesson 3 is practicing the above and teaching the Place command.  This package is not for serious behaviour issues as those require more in depth work.

For Janet Burns (currently on vacation) click here

For Monika Lisak click here

Puppy Classes

Price: $195 for 6 lessons.  Classes limited to 7 participants.  Puppies aged 8-20 weeks at start date.

Classes to start on Tuesday, February 6, 2024,  6:30 pm start time.

Go to the home page and click login to create an account and sign up online.

Learn basic skills like sit, name recognition, recall games, crate training basics, building food drive, Topics of discussion will include house training and leash walking as well tools to consider for your puppy. The goal of the class is to get your puppy used to being around other dogs and people but learning to focus on you whiles distractions are happening around them. We will not have the typical social playtime where they all wrestle but a more structured play to set them up for success.  *You are not considered enrolled in the class until payment has been received.

Here is a link on why socializing your puppy being fully vaccinated is so important:

Life Skills Level 1 – 6 months and older

Price: $220 for 6 lessons.  Classes limited to 7 participants

Classes to start on Tuesday, November 14, 2023 at 7:30pm!

Go to the home page and click login to sign in or create an account and request the class

This class is geared towards those who have taken a beginner puppy class elsewhere or with us and would like to continue building on their training progress with their pups. We go through all the basics such as sit, down, come, place command, eye contact, leash walking and increase the expectations and the difficulty levels of the exercises. Weather permitting several of the classes will be held outside to help simulate real world distractions. Puppies must be able to perform basic tasks such as sit and down and willingness to work for food.
The class will run for 6 weeks and is 1 hour in length

*You are not considered enrolled in the class until payment has been received.

Small Dog Socials – for dogs 20lbs and under

Price:  $25 per session – Watch for upcoming dates.

Register by logging in and requesting the session.  Please make payment once assigned.

Naomi Legault & Nika

"Having Janet train our German Shepherd Nika is the best thing we could have done for our girl! She learned the basics very quickly and then some. Janet built an amazing foundation for success while Nika grew from adolescence into an adult! Janet also taught us to follow through on all Nika learned and it's been life changing for us!

We would recommend her to anyone!"